Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Come see our BRAND NEW SITE!!!

I've got some exciting news!!! We have a totally brand-new Harvest Ministry - Mission-Minded LIFE website, which is a combo of a website and blog, with a great new look. I'm in the process of moving all of this Mission-Minded LIFE input over to that site, and soon I will be closing down this blog here on blogspot . . . because everything here will be there . . . plus MORE!!!

This new site is just up, with articles, mission slide shows, practical ideas, and ministry news. Our passion is for SOULS, and our heart is to equip families to be more effective for eternity. This new site has video and audio capability, an automatic email newsletter you can sign-up to receive, along with many articles to comment on. I've got some exciting new ideas that I look forward to sharing. But please change your link to Mission-Minded LIFE to our new address.

I'll be doing all of my blogging and articles over at this new site from now on.

Here's the new address: http://harvestministry.org/

Come check it out, and please add a few comments.

Blessings to you!